Friday, March 18, 2011

super star....

 Here he is! This guy is the 3rd place winner of the optimist b-ball challenge for the states of Wyoming and Colorado! Go Tag! It all started a little over a month ago here is Frisco where he took 1st place. We were excited but knew that the next stage in Denver would be a bit harder so we didn't have our hopes up too high. Just a couple weeks later we headed to Lutheren High School in Denver and hit it again. Tag took 2nd there! He was hilarious. After he got done competing, when we were waiting for the results- he suddenly got nervous. Thinking that the top 3 got to go to the Pepsi Center and compete before a Nuggets game was too exciting. I love that he really wasn't nervous before he did his skills, but after. He is great! His buddy Andrew took 3rd so they we thrilled!
Cut to Saturday March 12th. Tag and a cheering section of about 10 more headed to the Pepsi Center to do it all again. They had to make straight passes, bounce passes, dribble through poles while being timed and then shoot 6 free throws. Wow! There were 144 kids that made it there and lots of parents and friends so it was a little intimidating but really cool. Tag and Andrew did great and Tag got one more pass than Andrew did, putting him in 3rd place. Holy Cow! We were so shocked and excited and Andrew was a great support for his friend. As a Mom, I cannot believe how nervous I get. I need to set this straight though. I get nervous because I want him to do the very best he can- if that isn't 1st or even placing then that's great. I just want him to feel good about his performance-wherever he places. But 3rd sure was fun.This contest started out with 2,000 kids so to make the top 36 is AMAZING! He got to be right on the court to high 5 the Nuggets as they came on to play. He got an awesome t-shirt and trophy! I love him so much! This is a memory I hope we never forget. Good family and friends and so much fun. Go my lil' jimmer!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to my amazing Mom! She is the perfect example of a wife, mother, leader! She is truely a role model and I hope to be more like her someday. She has so much love in her heart and works hard to take care of our family. I love to be with her. I wish I could be with her more. Happy Day Mama!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

little max

Here's the baby I thought I wanted but had no idea how much I needed. This man helps complete our family! He came on May 20, 2009 and is the sweetest little thing you can imagine. His spirit has completely filled our home. He has helped make us all kinder, gentler and more patient. He brings love like you can't imagine!
Everything is an adventure for this kid. I know that kinda comes with the age but he really takes it to heart. He is smart and watches everything going on around him. He has some big shoes to fill following his brothers and it never ceases to amaze me that they each fill their own shoes just perfectly. How thankful I am for that! I cannot wait to watch him grow. Tag and Jack are the best big brothers ever-if you've been around them, then you can testify to this, but I gotta tell you- this kid makes it all fun!
Thanks for making our life an adventure Maxxy Man! We are so happy to learn through you! xoxox