Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I really never thought I would be a wrestling Mom. I dated a wrestler in highschool and really quite liked watching the sport but then I married a 6.5 basketballer and just never thought about it. Well, living in a small community, sports is sports and we got talked into trying it out last year. I am pretty sure that eventually my boys will choose other paths but here goes my wrestling soap box...
I think it is great! It is THE hardest sport I have ever watched them do and I admit to tearing up a time or 10 but here is the thing. It teaches them so, so much. Determination, Strength, Standing on your own, Balance, etc.
They are really good at it. Tag says that 2 years was probably enough for him but I keep reminding him that it made him a better footballer so we will see. Jack LOVES it and becomes a different person on the mat. His whole body, stance, limbs change and he looks like a wrestler.
My favorite part of this year was that there were a couple older teenage boys that helped these guys at practice and we know that they are members of our church, but they are not active. Well, I guess Jack had heard this and tapped one of them and motioned for him to bend down. When he did, Jack whispered in his ear..."I'm a Mormon too."
That takes a lot of Determination, Strength and Standing on your own!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

He can't really be 10!!!

I have a child on double digits. I feel like I was just barely 10. What is happening? 
He really is a perfect child. I know you think I am just saying that but it is true this time!
He is generous and kind and thoughtful and insightful. He takes care of his
brothers like a superstar and teaches Kevin and I how to love more Christlike!
His birthday is November 2 and that night was wrestling practice and dinner
at Eric's in Breck. We came home for presents and dessert. I had
promised a party and finally came through just a couple weeks ago.
(Hello, we had some holidays!)
Anyway, he had 12 boys over for dinner, bball and a movie. We ended up 
having loads of fun and he told me thanks like 22 times.
Worth the noise, for sure!
I love you little boy!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

tricks and treats

Halloween is a crazy holiday! By the time we are done with school parties, church parties and the actual Halloween date we are all pretty done. This year was great fun though. School parties went well, the church party was fabulous because it was a bit more low key and Halloween made for a great family home evening. We were home from trick or treating by 7:30 and just relaxed and counted our candy. Counting it was much more fun than eating it. Tag ate about 5 pieces, Jack ate NONE and Max had a few pieces.(I may have stolen an almond joy or two)
Tag was a bed bug (great idea from Family Fun), Jack was a lumber jack (get it) and Max was the cutest little monster ever!
Kev and I even joined in the fun. I was a witch of sorts and Kevin was my cowboy! He chooses outfits based on his facial hair at the time!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

fall football??

Tag LOVES football!This picture shows how much he LOVES football! He has played for a couple years and really loves it, like someday we wants to play in the NFL loves it. This year he had another great year. He plays lots of positions on both offense and defense but favors full back! I had one of his coaches tell me that boys like him are the reason they coach. Another coach told me that whenever they need something done they ask Tag. He said "He is a complete pleasure to coach!" Once, before a game I said Taggy, you know how you have to hold a lot in because you are the oldest and so responsible, well let it all out on that field. He went out and lit some boys up (which is only appropraite since it is football)

Jack has been watching his big brother and is ready too. The coaches for the younger team have seen him in action and asked him to come out and play with the 2nd and 3rd graders. (He is in 1st) He had a ball and did a great job on defense. Many more years to come for him, I am sure.
Their last games were played here, the first weekend in October. It was craziness! Freezing blizzard for 6 hours straight. We had a such fun. Max started pretty good but he and I ended up watching from the car. More of this in our future for as long as we live in Summit County. Football is not for sissies!!! Players or spectators!!

new year!

ok so i felt like i needed to check in after my last post. i have joined the gym, been scrapbooking beautiful pictures of my children and i even joined facebook. i know, call me crazy! i have put it off for long due to my somewhat addictive personality but a dear friend is a great example of staying sunny in the midst of trials so it was the least i could do.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

blog envy

tonight my boys are off playing basketball with their dad and i sit here in my husbands pj pants and t-shirt feeling sorry for myself. what is it about being a women that makes us feel inferior? i have just spent the last hour and a half on this darn computer looking up loads of blogs and websites with bodies i do not have, crafts i do not take the time to make and ideas that i didn't think of, but wish i did. why do i waste time doing such stuff? why do some nights i feel inspired and some nights i feel so sad? january is supposed to be a time for new and renewel and tonight i am failing. sleep will help, i am sure, it always does. tomorrow i will start fresh!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

playing catch up

did you know i have a long list of things to do but somehow right now, this seems more important. the other night i was laying on my bed with my boys gathered round me and we read all of our blog entries. each of their faces lit up when it was about them. that means more than doing the laundry. i have neglected this little blog and after i saw their faces i realized that it really is important to them so i am going to try to catch up on a few events over the last few months.
for spring break this year we had a staycation. we had so much fun! it was great to just be together and play. we slept in, ate yummy food and laughed a lot. we had passports and each night our adventure took us to a different land. we visited hawaii, italy, mexico. these little men appreciate and make "adventures" like this so fun. if they wished they were at disneyland, they sure never let on.

making pasta art and eating beautiful pizza.
 we didn't take pics of every day but we sure had fun.