Thursday, November 3, 2011

playing catch up

did you know i have a long list of things to do but somehow right now, this seems more important. the other night i was laying on my bed with my boys gathered round me and we read all of our blog entries. each of their faces lit up when it was about them. that means more than doing the laundry. i have neglected this little blog and after i saw their faces i realized that it really is important to them so i am going to try to catch up on a few events over the last few months.
for spring break this year we had a staycation. we had so much fun! it was great to just be together and play. we slept in, ate yummy food and laughed a lot. we had passports and each night our adventure took us to a different land. we visited hawaii, italy, mexico. these little men appreciate and make "adventures" like this so fun. if they wished they were at disneyland, they sure never let on.

making pasta art and eating beautiful pizza.
 we didn't take pics of every day but we sure had fun.

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