Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I really never thought I would be a wrestling Mom. I dated a wrestler in highschool and really quite liked watching the sport but then I married a 6.5 basketballer and just never thought about it. Well, living in a small community, sports is sports and we got talked into trying it out last year. I am pretty sure that eventually my boys will choose other paths but here goes my wrestling soap box...
I think it is great! It is THE hardest sport I have ever watched them do and I admit to tearing up a time or 10 but here is the thing. It teaches them so, so much. Determination, Strength, Standing on your own, Balance, etc.
They are really good at it. Tag says that 2 years was probably enough for him but I keep reminding him that it made him a better footballer so we will see. Jack LOVES it and becomes a different person on the mat. His whole body, stance, limbs change and he looks like a wrestler.
My favorite part of this year was that there were a couple older teenage boys that helped these guys at practice and we know that they are members of our church, but they are not active. Well, I guess Jack had heard this and tapped one of them and motioned for him to bend down. When he did, Jack whispered in his ear..."I'm a Mormon too."
That takes a lot of Determination, Strength and Standing on your own!

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