Tuesday, February 7, 2012

He can't really be 10!!!

I have a child on double digits. I feel like I was just barely 10. What is happening? 
He really is a perfect child. I know you think I am just saying that but it is true this time!
He is generous and kind and thoughtful and insightful. He takes care of his
brothers like a superstar and teaches Kevin and I how to love more Christlike!
His birthday is November 2 and that night was wrestling practice and dinner
at Eric's in Breck. We came home for presents and dessert. I had
promised a party and finally came through just a couple weeks ago.
(Hello, we had some holidays!)
Anyway, he had 12 boys over for dinner, bball and a movie. We ended up 
having loads of fun and he told me thanks like 22 times.
Worth the noise, for sure!
I love you little boy!!

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