Thursday, February 2, 2012

fall football??

Tag LOVES football!This picture shows how much he LOVES football! He has played for a couple years and really loves it, like someday we wants to play in the NFL loves it. This year he had another great year. He plays lots of positions on both offense and defense but favors full back! I had one of his coaches tell me that boys like him are the reason they coach. Another coach told me that whenever they need something done they ask Tag. He said "He is a complete pleasure to coach!" Once, before a game I said Taggy, you know how you have to hold a lot in because you are the oldest and so responsible, well let it all out on that field. He went out and lit some boys up (which is only appropraite since it is football)

Jack has been watching his big brother and is ready too. The coaches for the younger team have seen him in action and asked him to come out and play with the 2nd and 3rd graders. (He is in 1st) He had a ball and did a great job on defense. Many more years to come for him, I am sure.
Their last games were played here, the first weekend in October. It was craziness! Freezing blizzard for 6 hours straight. We had a such fun. Max started pretty good but he and I ended up watching from the car. More of this in our future for as long as we live in Summit County. Football is not for sissies!!! Players or spectators!!

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