Saturday, February 4, 2012

tricks and treats

Halloween is a crazy holiday! By the time we are done with school parties, church parties and the actual Halloween date we are all pretty done. This year was great fun though. School parties went well, the church party was fabulous because it was a bit more low key and Halloween made for a great family home evening. We were home from trick or treating by 7:30 and just relaxed and counted our candy. Counting it was much more fun than eating it. Tag ate about 5 pieces, Jack ate NONE and Max had a few pieces.(I may have stolen an almond joy or two)
Tag was a bed bug (great idea from Family Fun), Jack was a lumber jack (get it) and Max was the cutest little monster ever!
Kev and I even joined in the fun. I was a witch of sorts and Kevin was my cowboy! He chooses outfits based on his facial hair at the time!!!

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